Laura LeenOctober 1-Laura Leen So while sitting at Harvard today I started thinking about all of you and how much I miss you guys on a daily basis. With so many people moving all over the country, I really don’t want to lose touch and thought of a way that I personally think will be so fun to keep in touch/document our lives.. Are you ready for it? Are you? Are you??The United Nations blog.. called “United”Anyways, I know some of you may be thinking this is wack or corny or too much work but just think of it as documented group texts that we can share with the world. We will, of course, keep things clean since families, kids and foreigners will all be open to reading our new blog. More importantly, I think it will just be something that can keep us all in regular contact and it will be something that we can look back and read when we’re like 80 years old. So here are a few thoughts that have been developed since this idea blossomed about one hour ago.
Post topics:
– Pictures of our outfits for the workday, evening, special events and so on.. whatever you feel like sharing with the UN, throw it up there.
– Random funny one liners from the UN (mostly Slam).. You guys can just take a pic of your screen and boom throw it up there if you feel its worth posting
– Stories- we’ll figure out the details but maybe each of us gets one day, or two people can share if they don’t feel they have anything to post that day. When in doubt you can always type up a throw back story and just post a random convo
-Images of weekend
-Recap of any reunions/ meetups with some members (hopefully this will force us to get together more!)
-Any major announcements/accomplishments. ie: a virgin gets a boyfriend!
-Posts of random new music that we can all comment on …

Any other ideas are welcome!! We will all need to make little profiles for ourselves which will be featured on the page with some solo photo shots!Thoughts?! Comments!?

Ismete Cake October 1 Ismete Cake: This is a wonderful idea Laura! I just need to learn how to blog lol perhaps we can do a blogging 101 course for the Albanian lol. Can I post video?! I tend to record a lot of moments in my life lol

Laura LeenOctober 1- Laura Leen: Yes, we will document your hair growth via video.. I figured you would be a regular photo/video contributor 😉wink

Perla TerreroOctober 1- Perla Terrero: OMG!! I LOVEEEEE this idea!! I’m all in! I have been on the other side of the country wanting something like this for a while. Miss you fools!!!!!! Also Laura- coming your way the weekend of November 16th!!! SURPRISE! Can’t wait!

Poonam Patel October 1- Poonam Patel: I agree with Ismete I don’t know how to blog either lolol

Laura Leen October 1- Laura Leen: sayyyyyyyy whatttttttttt!!!! OMG- I just peed a little.

Poonam, your first entry will be on theh Golden Corral wedding.

Perla Terrero October 1Perla Terrero: Lol!!! Will call you with deets this week sooooo excited!!!!

Laura Leen October 1-Laura Leen: You will also have a special events piece!

Perla Terrero October 1Perla Terrero: What Wedding, whose wedding???

Poonam Patel October 1- Poonam Patel: Hahahahahhahashahahhahahahaha. Laura!! I will def put up of too!!

Laura LeenOctober 1-Laura Leen: You will have to read it on the blog

Poonam Patel October 1- Poonam Patel:  Pics of the wedding too

Laura Leen October 1- Laura Leen: Yes! Plus all of the events you throw.. and all of the Poonicks surprises.. You have nothing to worry about

Perla Terrero October 1-Perla Terrero: Lol can’t I get insider info on this wedding??????

Poonam Patel October 1-Poonam Patel: There will always be plenty of events to share that occur at the good old Golden Corral

Perla Terrero October 1-Perla Terrero: Hi Poonam 🙂smile

Ismete Cake October 1-Ismete Cake: Lol Wooohoo!!! Can you just tell me when I can start posting things!!! This is exciting. Can I also have someone (Sugam) proofread my blogs lol jk. Ahhh miss you guys ;(

Poonam Patel October 1- Poonam Patel: No proof reading that Is what makes us the UN we r all unique in our own ways Sonia can’t quote songs u can’t spell it’s all good

Laura Leen October 1- Laura Leen: haha.. The attorney and I will work out the details.. I am going to see if my friend can help with some graphic design.. We will all be getting professional model shots.. I think the launch will be january 2013 so we can gather enough content..

Perla Terrero named the conversation: UN Blog.October 1

Poonam Patel October 1-Poonam Patel: I think we should all wear out traditional outfits that signify our ethnicity

Perla Terrero October 1-Perla Terrero: Lol sounds great!!!!

Laura LeenOctober 1-Laura Leen: Even better!

Ismete Cake October 1Ismete Cake: HAHAHA

Laura Leen October 1- Laura Leen: Ismete.. gypsy wedding outfit, check!

Ismete CakeOctober 1-Ismete Cake: Hahahahhahahahahhaha got it!

Poonam Patel October 1-Poonam Patel: Jam can wear dreads, Sonia wears a turban I will wear a dot on my head Laura in a mini leprechaun outfit..Ismete and perla idk an outfit for u guys lol

Laura Leen October 1-Laura Leen: I guess we should try to be a little less offensive

Poonam Patel October 1-Poonam Patel: Lolol fine ill just post a pic with a dot on my head lol

Perla Terrero October 1Perla Terrero: Lmao!!! We have blue, white, red dresses with flowers in our hair!!!

Laura LeenOctober 1- Laura Leen: Woop woop.. I will need a wardrobe change since im not purebred

Ismete CakeOctober 1Ismete Cake:This is exciting can we try to get an earlier blog launching date lol I mean we will miss out on Christmas and thanksgiving photos lo

Laura Leen October 1-Laura Leen: haha.. I will see! If we’re going to do it, I want it to be good.. We’ll need to brainstorm some formatting and scheduling!

Jamare- I see you. Thoughts?

Jamare Bear October 1-Jamare Bear: There wont be much activity from this guy cuz I’m not good with these things.

Laura Leen October 1-Laura Leen: We will just post your random comments on group text then

Jamare Bear October 1-Jamare Bear: I have never even been on a blog.

Perla Terrero October 1-Perla Terrero:Get good at it Jamaree!!

Laura LeenOctober 1-Laura Leen: hahaha.. You can just take pics of Arnie and pics of that ass.. post and done

Perla TerreroOctober 1Perla Terrero: Lol love it!! Miss you Jamare Bear!!!

Laura Leen October 1-Laura Leen: It can be a very small commitment Slam.. just a pic here and there

Jamare Bear October 1-Jamare Bear: Ok I’m going to need a blog tutorial.

Sugam LangerOctober 1-Sugam Langer: sorry everyone, i am just so popular that i had an early >>BIRTHDAY<< dinner date.. what can I say…actually kinda wished that if my parents were gona pic a random day to allege that it was my birth- that they would have picked one more in the middle of the month….would have given me more time to get excited and celebrate. lol laura i can imagine your blood boiling right now.

anyways…just caught up on all of this and going to be frank. maybe the best idea ever. i was thinking maybe everyone could have their own independent post day. random contributions are totally welcome but you have a day when you are required to perform.

wed-hump day (do it twice) morning slam/ evening smits
thurs- me
fri- laur

boom. UN schedule covered. sat and sun will be free for-alls and anyone can always add posts but this is your designated day once a week? commitment value low, but reward just invaluable.

also wana shot out everyone in general, thinking once the blog makes moves- thinking we will have a similar fan base to, perez hilton, and tmz…but after we get that famous, can we then open our clothing store/bar lounge?!!?

ok love you kids long time. looking forward to the blog tutorial

remember all next UN reunion – oct 20th casa de langer, poonam/perl and smits you will be there in spirit! 🙂smile



And then was born.  Fasten your safety belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


3 thoughts on “Lightbulb!

  1. What a great start to the blog! I am so happy our lil irishgirl came up with such a great idea. Now the whole world will be able to see exactly how cool we are!

  2. What A time I had trying to do this. I’m like carrot top doing stand up on comic view. It’s tough to watch. Bob’s frustration levels are rising. But I’m doing dis’ her’!

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