Chicken Pox Say What?!

Who has red dots not just on her head?
Oh that’s right none other than this girl right here. Yes, Yes folks it is possible for a 28 year old grown adult woman to get CHICKEN POX. Let me tell you it was quite an experience. My symptoms began on Thursday morning. As I was on my way to work I found myself itching the top of my cute black cardigan. Didn’t think anything of it continued on driving. As I got to work around 11am(yes it was a late start something my fellow UN member Sugam knows all about), the itching was getting a little worse. So I touched base with my staff and headed for my office. It was then I decided to find out what was causing all this itching and came to the conclusion I had all these lil red dots all over my arm. I was quite appalled at first. So as any normal person who does not like to go to the doctor, I brushed it off and convinced myself it was prolly something I ate (I eat a lot of crazy stuff). So as my day went on they got worse. I still decided to brush it off. Friday morning I woke up and yep they had reached my face and multiple other parts of my body. So I decided to go into work make sure everything was all set but I couldn’t get an appt with my doctor so decided to go to local urgent care. This was when the fun began………..
Nurse #1 enters the room: So what seems to be wrong today?
Poonam: I am not sure. I have red bumps all over my body.
Nurse #1: Hmm those look like chicken pox..Hold on
Nurse #2 enters the room: Immediately covers his face and screams OMG!!!! WHERE IS YOUR MASK!!! OMG!!! PUT THIS ON!! YOU HAVE CHICKEN POX!!
Poonam: Now incredibly frazzled and scared as if she has a disease by the way she was treated by this nurse, Are you sure??
Nurse #2: yes, it has to be chicken pox hold on. I only have Disney masks hold on let me get you an adult one
Poonam: Being the big kid I am, Nope all set with the Disney one thanx!
Doctor #1 enters the room: What do we have here. definitely looks like chicken pox but are you sick? From your tests you have a slight fever but nothing crazy. Do you have any other symptoms?
Poonam: Nope I feel great. I actually can’t stop laughing. Do I really have chicken pox?
Doctor #1: Well, it is possible for adults to get chicken pox hold on…
Doctor #2 enters the room: Ya your right doc they do look like chicken pox.
Poonam: My friends think I have shingles..Do I have shingles?
Doctor #2: chuckles a lil no maam you do not have shingles, but I don’t want to diagnose you with full chicken pox either since you aren’t sick
Poonam: Okay good. So then what are you diagnosing me with?
Doctor #2: Not sure. We are going to prescribe you some steroids and hopefully the bumps will go down
Poonam: Steroids as in im gonna get muscles steroids?
Doctor #2: nope different kind. I need you to stay out of work for the rest of the wknd and stay away from pregnant woman.
Nurse 2 re-enters the room: We are prescribing you with these steroids. They will make you incredible alert and you will want to clean your house and will have trouble sleeping.
Poonam: I am already high on life so are you telling me im going to be even higher?
Nurse 2: yes you will be very alert and hyper.
Nurse 2: Here let me walk you all the way out to the front door make sure you keep your mask on.
Poonam: (Thinking in her mind) Are you serious right now? I don’t have a uncurable disease or something geez
So long story short, I stayed home all halloween wknd:( It was the longest wknd of my life. And good news is the chicken pox are officially gone!..hahah  I would like to give a special shoutout to my friend Sugam who treated me as if I had a disease that was incurable. Totally felt the love. I think god knows im forever a toys r us kid and decided to treat my like a full child during this entire experience. But it made for a hilarious story that I was able to share with all of you!

3 thoughts on “Chicken Pox Say What?!

  1. I was afraid to visit friend who had shingles because I wasn’t sure if I had ever had chicken pox. My mother scared the crap out of me. Pretty much thought immediate death. But u survived. You are my hero!

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