Dance Hall Embassy

I racked my brain trying to come up with something for my inaugural post. Ok…I racked my brain for a few hours the day before. I wanted to do something that summed up our friendship. I got to thinking about why we all become friends. Was it the fact that we were amongst a small group of minorities attending a predominately white college? Or was it that we shared the same major, aside from Sugam the Poli Sci major (don’t let me get started on her backpack)? Although each had a little something to do with it I feel it was a matter of destiny and destiny went by the name Nick’s Sneaky Pete’s. 4 out of 7 nights a week you could find us in the club. If not all of us at least 2. Group meetings had to be over by 9, homework had to be done and with my fellow HEOP hooligans tutoring was cut short. Ismete and I choose Sneaky Pete’s over a dance performance at a Siena talent show. Practice cut into lady’s night. I couldn’t commit to BLSU meetings because they fell on a Sneaky’s night. No matter how cranky any of us were feeling about school or each other, when someone mentioned Sneaky’s we were on board. It was always a blast. The music was on point and no matter how dead or live it was in there it was sweaty dance party. Whether we became more focused on school and all other aspects of life or Sneaky’s wasn’t open 4 nights a week our frequency at there died down. Years later when we completely stopped going, Sneaky’s closed down. We now find ourselves going, “I wish Sneaky’s was open” or “Play Sneak’s music” in attempt to get that old thing back. Although the venue has changed the love for a good jam and dance party remains the same. 3 years to 30 I realize Sneaky’s is wherever and whenever we are all together.


4 thoughts on “Dance Hall Embassy

  1. I feel like I am going to have to comment on this post all day butttt, Jam remember our recent visit to the old Sneaky’s building AKA Stop N Shop. Also, remember that we thought it would be a great idea to have drinks and people watch the now grocery store??

  2. this is hilarious!!! For real though I am forever a sneaky petes fan! hahahaha..we legit were there 4 nights a week from like 10pm-4am when the lights came on just to save the $5 entrance fee..hahahahah how far we have all come and who would have thought one establishment could have had such an affect on us..

  3. Jamaree! I’m sooo proud of your first post. And taking it all the way back to Sneaky’s! Oh and I remember when you and Ismete snuck away from Fall Fusion rehearsal to go there! Everyone was sooo mad!! Oh gosh, and do you remember what we would wear??!! That in itself should be a post…fashion then and now!!

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