Almost forgot the blog!

Hey kids!! Almost forgot to blog tonight oops! I actually finally decided to attend the boot camp session at my apartment complex and let me tell you everything about it was hot!!! Anyways I don’t have anything exciting to talk about…. Still trying to get used to the FLO RIDA lifestyle. So far I have gotten lost multiple times, I went out alone ( not a fan), I have been on a date ( who then wanted to marry me creep!), I had the enterprise rent a car man stick a note in my beach bag ( picture to follow) …discovered the beach ( and love it!!!)….and that’s it really …. Going to get my hair done this weekend I worry for the hairstylist that’s gonna touch this bob.

Tata until next Wednesday ! ☺



3 thoughts on “Almost forgot the blog!

  1. Ismet!! Looks like you are loving Florida! I’m pretty amazed you have packed in dates, beaches, bootcamp sessions, and creepy Rent-A-Car dudes! Can’t wait to visit!

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