2 for 1 Friday! Hot Find #1

I’m just going to keep it 100% for one second and say that I, for one, am shocked that UN Member, Ismete, has not posted 35 “hot finds” yet.  To get this ball rolling, today’s first ever hot find is coming straight to you from Boston, MA.  I spend an exorbitant amount of time explaining to this guy that he is in fact NOT a UN member and also the reasons why he is not invited to girls only nights and weekend away.  He decided to rename UN meet ups and reunions “UN Summits” which I have to admit, just makes me straight jealous because it was a good idea.  While at times I get frustrated with this guy (especially when people say that he is funnier than me), he is my numero uno, my roaddog, my COUSIN! Love you long time Puke FACE!

Ok, now everyone else get to work on your own hot finds!


4 thoughts on “2 for 1 Friday! Hot Find #1

  1. While a common wealth and technically not able to join the UN on behalf of Puerto Rico please accept our most handsome and charming New Yorican as a good will ambassador. Wonderful selection of hot find #1.

  2. I have let the UN down but the reason for that is because I have not found a HOT FIND worth taking a picture …I will be out on full force this weekend and ehem just got the boot camp trainers number…. To be continued lol

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