Don’t Do This

I went out last Wednesday.  Last Wednesday was Halloween.  I really wanted to go out and celebrate especially since hardly anyone knew what my VERY obvious costume was on the Friday night prior. I decided that I would just throw something on and “call it a dizzayy” (Sugam Langer voice).  I wore a shirt with some birds on it with velvet leggings and BAM, my costume = “I’m like a bird”.

 Fast forward 3 hours and 5 cocktails later and I was in the middle of the dance floor at Middlesex Lounge getting my swerve on.  It just so happens that my “best white girl dance moves” were KILLING it that night because I was asked out; on a date. 

Here we go.. 

So after some back and forth, we decided to meet for dinner on Sunday night.  We met in front of a Pizzeria Uno’s at which point I told him we were not going to dine there (no offense Poonam).  To be honest, I had my heart set on this chickpea burger and I had to have it.  Anywhoodle, the date was great; good food, good conversation and better drinks.  Before it got too late, we hugged it out, I hopped into a cab and thanked him for a good time.

 I received a text right away that he had a fun time and we should hang out again; which I thought was a nice gesture.  Again, a few texts back and forth and lights out for Laura. 


 I woke up at my usual 4:30am time for water and to check my phone when I saw I had a few unread texts. My eyes were not functioning properly so I couldn’t make out the font, however, what I did see, clear as day, was a photo..

 Of my date..


 Sent at 3:45am..

 Speechless: (a literal SMH moment)

 Okay, here is the thing I understand, different strokes for different folks but C’MON MAN!@?  Why would a guy think that a girl wants a nudey photo after a first date?  Correction, what makes a guy think that a girl EVER really wants a naked pic?? I know there are some members (definitely one, you know who you are ;)) who will openly disagree with me but I am just not with IT!

 Anyways, I had no words and did not respond to this image forever embedded into my memory.  The next day I received an apology text saying that his cousin sent it from his phone. Hmm I mean yes, maybe, but I have my doubts.

 What do you guys think? Cousin or cover up?


5 thoughts on “Don’t Do This

  1. Okay first of all its not a good thing to call urself a bird lolol and if u had gone to UNOs this wouldn’t have happened..second he’s pretty fly lookin Lolol….what time did he send the apology for sending the pic? Idk I don’t think his cousin sent the pic lol Bc he would have known immediately his cousin sent it and apologized at that moment but when u didn’t respond he’s like oh man she didn’t like it let me blame it on my cousin

  2. Before there is any further confusion the man in this picture is NOT my date.. AND Ellen, if he was, your 4th grandbaby would be on the way. JUST SAYIN’

    Poonam- I’m like a Bird.. The Nelly Furtado song.. Get it??? Tough crowd!!

    • I personally would love to see the original photo and am saddened that you didn’t forward it to me right away, you know I was probably up with your animal nephews anyway…
      That being said I wonder what he sends after a second date?? Below the belt maybe?? <>.
      And Ellen, don’t worry, Laura and I have had the public places talk numerous times.

  3. Can someone please inform me how I can comment on our blog from my cell phone? I’m always the last one to join the party.

    I have never understood the naked picture text nor why guys are so obsessed with them. He did sound like an absolute doll up until the late night text…I vote for 2nd date (take one for the team like Sugz suggested; in a very public place bc he is obviously not all there) and give him crap about the awkward text! Obvious cover up but at least he has the insight to know it didn’t go over well and apologized!

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