New Year New Vision

Well kids its a new year for us indians so I thought it would make sense to post and wish you all a Happy New Year!! . I saw this picture on someone’s page and thought it was soooo adorable. We spend so much time worrying what other people will think of us and in reality who really cares? As long as you, your family, and friends see who you really are that is all that should matter and in the end how you see yourself means everything. Society always seems to have an influence on this and it is incredibly hard to control that but I am going to try really hard to not let this happen and so should all of you! So this year i want you all to LIVE LAUGH and LOVE!!! Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “New Year New Vision

  1. Hahahahahaha awww how cute!!! I also had a “resolution conversation” with Sugam on this day but it was not blog appropriate lol

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