Opps I did it Again!

I know I’m two days behind schedule but I’m here!!!! There are so many activities that went down between Wednesday and today and still happening lol that I dunno if I can share all of them. Thanksgiving brought me lots of food with a bunch of strangers and snuggles 😉 and a LOT of drinking and sleeping. I can’t wait to come home for Christmas and see your faces. I would also like to tell a little story that just happened minutes before I got on the blog. I was sitting at panera casually enjoying a sandwich outside and right after i get off the phone with sugam, this older fine looking gentleman was approaching my table with a smile… because vision is not so clear i was not sure who he was really smiling at. So he comes over and decided to have a conversation with me. I though he was just a nice man asking about my day and if i had a great Thanksgiving and blah blah blah … well 10 minutes later he goes ” I’m sorry i am here to meet my blind date … are you waiting for me? Ben?” . I go ” you are kidding right?” he goes ” no i am really serious” well as soon as he says this the blind date arrives and takes a sit inside awaiting him lol. there was nothing else to do but laugh so we both just laughed and he kept apologizing and then gave me his business card. This really just happened to me. Just when I thought I was loosing my ” creeper ” status … There he was in a form of a blind date.

I should really write a book. Miss you all xoxoxoxoxox


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