I Been Around the World

Like BIG, Mase and Puff Daddy my traveling has continued..Since September I have been on 4 airplane trips..from Cayman Islands to Hawaii to Colorado and now in TEXAS!!! Too bad i forgot to pack my cowboy boots even though I have yet to see a cowboy:((( just some thickkkkkk southern accents…lolol its great quite an experience..I am continuing my amazing management skills by completing my H.O.S.T (Hospitality Operations Success Training) So now I can add that to my resume I guess its a pretty big deal..Lol..So if anyone out there is looking for a hotel manager I’m available as long as the price is right bob barker style..Right before I came here I enjoyed an amazing night in Boston with my 2 UN homies Sugammm and 4GGG…From eating at the FB movie spot..to creeping on fb….to spooning with 4G….to a nice walk through harvard….to getting on the T all by myself and getting myself to the airport its been an awesome time and only to return back to Boston on friday for the whole weekend to do it all over again! Can’t wait!! Yeee Haww til next week mi amiga’s!!!


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