This has been a tough week for the blog.  I feel like the holidays are creeping in and making time to post is an extra big challenge.  I, however, have a surplus of time on my hands so I am drafting this post two days early. Why do I have so much free time you may ask?  As many of you know, I haven’t had cable since June and  while I’ve been able to channel my creative energy in other places (exhibit A: UN blog) I have also become completely out of touch with current trends.


This week I realized that BET is available at the gym for my viewing pleasure.  I had been sticking with CNN since Justin (<3) told me that the OWN network was not available.  This week I rediscovered 106 & Park and each day I’ve made some observations in which I need everyone to ponder.

Please think on these things:

Monday: What and who in the hell is this??? Call me old fashion but SMH.  This hair-do reminds me of some prehistoric animal.


Tuesday: I don’t know whose body was keeping me more motivated at the gym? Ciara or Wiz Khalifa?


un3(so skinny!)

Wednesday: What in the world???

Thursday: I had full intentions of finding something to add from my trip to the gym yesterday but since Cambridge endured some type of explosion causing all of Harvard to lose power for about an hour I just went right home.  You will have to make do with what I have provided above, which in my opinion is plenty.  I will add that at dinner last night my waiter asked if I was ever on the Real World because I looked like I had been on t.v.  I took it as a compliment until I asked which season and he said “ummm maybe one from like early 2000’s”. Ehhhemmmmm I was about 15 years old then!  How old do I really look?  Grrrrrr

Chat with ya next week!


One thought on “106&Park

  1. I can’t watch 106&Park since AJ and Free stopped hosting it years ago. Even Terrence and Roxy never measured up. I don’t know where they get these people! And Ciara’s body is sick!

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