Spreading holiday cheer…for all to hear!

Hi blogsphere and BFF’s!- 

I’m back on my assigned day and, again, apologize for my miss last week. Anywho!!

As you all know, we are officially in the month of December and as a New Yorker (and Catholic 🙂 there is no other holiday that excites me more! I love Christmas trees, songs, carols, and the all around good feeling everyone shares during this time of the year! And then, of course, there are the gifts!

And, speaking of gifts. I’m a member of the Nestle Choir (need to have a creative outlet somehow). We prepare all year round during our lunch hours and perform a holiday concert at a couple of places. Our first concert this season was last week, at the Midnight Mission in Skidrow. For those of you who don’t know what Skidrow is, it is essentially a couple block radius where the city directs all their homeless people in LA. The Midnight Mission is a non-for-profit that offers homeless people food, shelter, and a myriad of other necessities throughout the year. During the holiday season, in addition to all those resources, they also offer them a concert series to bring the arts to them. We had the pleasure to be the first group to perform and it was a very special experience. I have volunteered there a number of times in the past couple of years, but this was the first time I performed for them. To see their faces light up and for that brief hour forget their problems and sing along to some Christmas songs was beautiful and it reminded me of all the things we take for granted on a daily basis. 

So, during this holiday season, remember that there are those who do not have as much as we do and pay it forward in any small way you can. And while you are buying Christmas gifts, consider the ones that have a philanthropic element. 

For example:

  • Toms Shoes – every pair you purchase buys a child in need a pair of shoes
  • St. Jude Gift Shop – there a number of cool gifts on this site and proceeds go to raising money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital and cancer research
  • Charity Wicks – if you have a candle lover in your family, this organization partners with different charities to raise money through the sell of soy-based candles

These are just examples but there are hundreds of different sites that allow you to buy your loved ones cool gifts that send a positive message while helping others! 

I’ll get off my soapbox now, love you fools! 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Spreading holiday cheer…for all to hear!

  1. awww..Pearl I have 2 pairs of Toms! I love knowing im giving a lil kid a pair of shoes. Im thinking I will soon add another pair to my collection!

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