We are Special



The title of this blog is actually You can find Us in the club..As I was going through some pics bc I love to post pics on the blog I came by this one. Now I had soooo many pictures where we all looked super fly but for some reason this picture really just summed us up.

Starting from left to right..Jamaree is all smiles..extra smiles this could be for multiple reasons..1. She was there with the UN. 2. She was there with bobbby-o..3. She had eaten some brownies before she came. 4. She just was reallly happy that night….

Next is our original indian now honorary latina Sugam. She was her usual self beverage in hand as well smiling for multiple reasons..1. She had made some new business connections=more $ 2. She knew she was going to be falling all night so smile as much as she can now. 3. She knew she had this fly polka dot outfit on. 4. She just was really happy that night…

Next is Laura 4G. Yes her name sums it up. She as well smiling for multiple reasons. 1. Her name is 4G meaning her connections and networking skills are crazy(she works at harvard enuf said) 2. She as well knew she had this fly outfit on which including these cool suspenders.  3. She knew she wouldn’t be smiling the next day after she finished her huge thanksgiving dinner so she decided to get all her smiles in that night..4. She just was really happy that night…

Then comes the newest member of the group myself. I was smiling for multiple reasons as well. 1. I was out with my UN, family, and friends. 2. I had just come from our “hotel party” to only continue downtown. 3. I knew later on that night there would be little kids fighting in the club that would cause the 2 indians to fall to the floor 4. I was just really happy that night….

What is the common denominator in all 4 of these girls..All :)))))..that is how we are when we are all together. We Live Laugh Love and 100% enjoy each other whether its sitting around, out partying, ending the night practically eating a 16 cut of pizza btwn 4 girls whatever it is we are always smiling with each other. Keep the smiles up my homies!


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