Is this real life? While so many people are spending hours watching Kourtney and Kim take New York, I have been living the real life version over here in Boston with my fellow UN member Sugz! I hate to say this because it really gets to be too much on Facebook day in and day out but God, I love my life! I feel like this blog started because I LITERALLY had nothing to do ever but now it’s getting kind of tough to keep up.. and I’ve noticed I’m not alone in this struggle.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to keep everyone updated so I just wanted everyone to know that Sugam and I hit the town last night, HARD, and that I’m paying for it today. I may or may not have woken up in my velvet leggings. I also may have made some incriminating phone calls but we’ll have to take those details off line.

SPEAKING of cell phones! Perla Terrero sent me the most beautiful, precious gift yesterday kids!! I am happy to announce that I am once AGAIN an iPhone owner (except I have no idea how to activate it). I’ve decided to name my first child Poola, male or female, to honor two of my friends who have upgraded my ass (thanks for nothing Alex Brown). I’ve realized that I am definitely the charity case of this group and I kind of like it. I thank all of you for your generous donations over the years.

Lastly, do you guys ever say really funny things in your head and then laugh out loud at yourselves?? Today, there was a group of ATs, blocking the entire sidewalk staring at something which meant that I had to walk in the road. In my head I said “Move it ATs it’s a sidewalk not a sideSTAND” and then I had a good laugh to myself. I also then met Constance for lunch where she had two drinks.. Match made in heaven.

I know that was so random but happy weekend KIDDIES!


3 thoughts on “PINCH!

  1. baaaaaaaaaaaaa….lolol i just giggled seriously out loud..especially at ur AT comment..hahhahah I love them I cant wait to be around millions when I go on my vaca to their motherland! Also I am sooooo excited for your first child’s

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