So hi!

I’ve had so much free time on my hands; literally absolutely nothing to do.  I should have been drafting up hilarious things to blog about but instead I’ve been spending the last week sitting in silence in an empty apartment with no cable or internet except for when I watched The Holiday 40 times.. I know this is ALL about to change because when I come back from my ehhhhemmmm 11 DAYS OFF, I will have a new roommate, cable and internet!! So long Boston in 2012 where I lived with multiple strangers, worked from home for 80 plus hours a week in a 90 degree apartment, spent 20 hours a week in hot yoga, moved in with another stranger, slept on an air mattress for 3 months, still had no cable, gained a green thumb and fell in love with Justin at the gym! I can’t believe I’ve been living here for six months!? How crazy!?

Anyways, I’m shuffling home tomorrow AM and can’t wait to hang with all of you ladies at one point or another (sans P-dizzle BUT I’m coming for you in 2013)!

Peace out,

Asian tourist STYLE


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