Keep it REAL and treat MYSELF


Hello 2013!


I am so happy to meet you!  Looking back at the past year, I can’t believe how much has changed in my life and the lives of so many of my friends and family members.  I don’t have any regrets in 2012; it was such a transitional year for me; a year where he was in my darkest of places and then the brightest! I have big plans for 2013 which include my two New Year’s Resolutions..


Resolution Number ONE: Keepin’ it REAL

Too often I bite my tongue, laugh along uncomfortably at things that I find offensive/ not funny or am just very agreeable to avoid confrontation.  This is something that has been bothering me a lot lately and why I decided that in 2013, I’m going to keep it REALLY real with everyone.  I, of course, love to learn and hear about other people’s perspectives on things but I just want to always remember that I have my own opinions.  I have found that in the past I’ve almost taken on the opinions of others (based on their personal experiences) and made it my own instead of being true to myself and what I believe is right.  I could not be more grateful to have my group of friends because I am able to learn so much from their lives, families and cultures and these relationships definitely have an impact on my opinions and feelings but to a certain extent.  So, look out 2013, I’m ready to get really real with you!


Resolution Number TWO: Treat MySELF

I’ve also decided that I want to really take care of myself this year.  Most likely any family member reading this would probably wonder what change this would be but personally, I feel that there is always room for improvement.  I want to reward myself for things and stop being so hard on myself for silly things. This is something I definitely began doing in 2012 but not consistently.  I want to pay off my credit cards and then reward myself for that accomplishment.  I want to buy myself a present for landing my dream job because I wasn’t in a position to do that last year.  I want to make an effort to see my friends and family (Tampa, LA, Peru, NY & 518) often because I have the ability to RIGHT now in this year.  I know there will come a time when I don’t have this independence and for so long I looked at my freedom as a negative.  No more! 2013 get ready to treat my ASS!!


Ok, love you kiddies!


Happy first weekend of 2013! Make it a good one!


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