Warm and Fuzzy

As the rest of the UN members all know I am not good with people and their issues, especially co-workers. I am a very good listener and have a positive outlook on things. My problem is I rather not get involved. Most times people know what the deal is and how they need to fix it. Why do you need me to tell you what you already know!?
‘Your man sux. You know he sux and you also know the solution to your problem is to get rid of his ass.’
‘Your broke. Well so am I. Get a second job.’
This brings me to today. I was warm and fuzzy to a crying co-worker. She got written up and I honestly felt bad for the lady. I saw her sobbing so I went up to her was like “Are you ok? Don’t cry. There there!” She vented, I listened and then said “do what you have to do.” I didn’t give her a hug or anything…baby steps people.
All and all I think it was a success. I’m about to be the next Sally Jessie Raffeal.


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