Baby Baby Babaayyy

Do you ever notice that sometimes when you think about something randomly; a MILLION other things pop up in relation to that one thought? Recently, within UN Group messages the topic of babies, our eggs and our age have been coming up more frequently. Sugam texts everyone to casually say that at age 29 we only have a 20% chance of getting pregnant and that our eggs start PEACING out once we hit 27 (which we have now all officially reached!). So then I start to think and then my thoughts provoke anxiety and then I think about what a terrible mom I would be at this moment because I’m just really focused on my career, adjusting to Boston and taking naps.

So the other night I was watching TV (yes, I have television again, hallelujah holla back) and some pampers or baby GAP commercial came on and I thought to myself “awwww, I want a baby (siggggggggghhh)”. Then I nearly threw up in my mouth. I thought about how a baby right now would interfere with all of the things I want to do and the trips I have planned over the next year(s). I thought about how independent I am and how I have so much more to do before I have a baby; for example, meeting my husband. Anyways, I chatted with my sister about this, (aka supermom/ author of Stink and Schmoop who is due for baby number 3 in 15 minutes) and I came to the conclusion that my biological clock is just ticking and making me aware that it exists. So with that, I grabbed my security blanket from the hospital when I was born, gave my roomie the pound and headed to bed.

So then today……..

I finish up a meeting at work and return to my desk where I find 45+ text messages waiting for me. Including exhibit A and exhibit B; two more babies coming to my family within the next 3 or 4 months (whom I canNOT wait to meet for the record). I don’t know why this is happening so often lately but I just want to say for the record “Ok universe! I get it; babies are everywhere and I’m getting old”. Someday….. someday.

100MEDIA36IMAG1521Exhibit A (Connor Michael McGrail)IMG953147Exhibit B (Hunter Ash Porter)


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