Have you ever woken up from a daydream and not realize how you got somewhere? I was driving home from work last night and for about 10 minutes my mind must have been somewhere else because I suddenly ‘woke up’ on the freeway heading home.

Now, I know I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t being unsafe. I just have my route home memorized and must have been driving on autopilot. Same road, same turns, same freeway- not much thought or presence of mind needed.

But it got me thinking- how many things in our lives do we do without giving it much thought? How often are we not present? It hit me that if we really thought about that, we would be shocked to know how much we actually miss…

How many sunsets have I missed driving East on the 210 without looking out at the horizon laid out right in front of me over the California mountains?

I vowed to myself yesterday that I would make a conscience effort to be here, present – wherever that is…more often.

How many things do you think you have missed on autopilot??



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