Key to Success


I recently had a friend go through a rough time and it got me thinking on life. The picture above says FLY first love yourself and others will come next. This is a very true statement bc if you are not happy with yourself it will affect multiple different parts of your life and can cause you to make a wrong decision. We all have close people in our lives who we can talk to and vent to and it is very important to do this. So just wanted you kids to know if you are feeling down and just want to get something out one of us is here to talk so get that group texting going or pick up the phone. This post made me sad and I dont like to be sad so to leave it on a nice note I am 3/4 of the way done with the planning of my trip to china! Itinerary was sent had no night life on it so had to revise that so just waiting for the updated itinerary and we are booking the flight! I can’t wait to take pics with my fellow AT’s.


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