We deserve it!

“Be the Kind of Woman who, when your feet hit the floor in the morning the devil says, Oh no, She’s Up!”

Hi loves –

As you all know I have recently been promoted and it made me realize something. I was so surprised when I was told about this new opportunity that it took me a couple of days to let it set in. I acted like most women act, like it was a gift I didn’t necessarily feel worthy of. And then I had an epiphany;  I’ve worked very hard for 6 years for this opportunity. Yes, its an honor and a great opportunity but I most certainly deserved it. Why is it that man feel entitled for these opportunities are surprised when it takes longer than they expect, but women think its a gift from the gods and can’t fully enjoy it??

We need to put our foot down, women, and declare that everything good we have we have earned and deserved. We are all very hardworking women and I wanted to make sure I reinforced for all of ya’ll, if there was any doubt, that your are all amazeballs!

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it to our next reunion. We definitely need to get together!

p.s. Also, on a random aside, every time I see our friend Derek Cuozzo’s post on FB, I smile because I relive his Nicky Minaj performance.



2 thoughts on “We deserve it!

  1. Perla this was such a true post! I sometimes feel like this to in my position that I dont quite belong here but then I think about how hard I have worked and all the long hours ive put in and my view changes quick!

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