Wanna get PHYSICAL


I think I’ve mentioned the love I have for Justin at the gym about 40 times to everyone since I’ve started working out there. He really is a true inspiration for me to go to the gym on a daily basis. I wish it was appropriate for me to hug him every time he swipes my card but I can’t risk losing my job over a sexual harassment suit. Some people are just straight RIDICULOUS at the gym and this week was just extra. A girl posted up on the elliptical next me and was literally going so fast that I was tempted to remind her that it was a stationary machine; you’re not GOING anywhere. She would speed up like a lightening bolt and then slow down and do some sexual arm circles all while her glass water bottle was clanking around in the holder. I apologize for so much detail but I had a really hard time keeping a neutral face with this woman and I want you to all feel my frustration. I then went to the stretching mats where she soon followed. I’m pretty sure she did the entire “Dance for You” routine while laying on the mat. It was incredibly uncomfortable. Also she had no rhythm and I was tempted to give her a good battle; you just got served style. The real surprise came when she opted to get up via back hand-spring and almost kicked me in the head. One person can I only take so much; she received the death stare at which point she removed herself from said mat. All of this was just too much for me to handle on a Tuesday night. I just wanted to get my sh!t and get the hell out of there. I gathered all of my stuff out of my locker and was changing shoes when I got this very strange feeling; something was VERY wrong. I looked to my left AND THEN TO my right and on each side of me were BARE asses literally inches away from my face. I don’t get it; does personal space mean anything to anyone anymore?! I left the gym that night not feeling proud or accomplished but rather completely violated.


3 thoughts on “Wanna get PHYSICAL

  1. LMAO! When I go to the gym at work in the morning, there are women there who are very liberal with their private parts! I’m like, really?? I have to sit through a meeting with you! Can’t take you seriously when I have seen your boobs!

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