frametasticI’m not sure if this often happens to anyone else but I feel like I’m the type of person that people just really feel they can open up to. When I say people, I mean literally anyone at all. For instance, I was walking to work on Monday morning, jamming to my 90’s R&B AOL Radio station when I heard someone rambling. Since I have zero peripheral vision when wearing my fur-hooded Northface Jacket, I turned my entire body to the side to see a middle age man rambling at me. I took my headphones out to hear what he was saying.

Man: That’s a really nice skirt. It looks really professional.

Me: Aww, thank you so much.

Man: Yea, I mean I really just like it a lot. It looks like someone would wear in England.

Me: Oh well, that’s an interesting comment.

Man: (looks up at my face) WELL, then you go and wear all that makeup! Why do you have so much on? You don’t need it.

Me: blank stare through my aviators.

Really? What I should have done is screamed “STRANGER DANGER” and took off in the other direction. Instead I listened to him tell me how fat he is and how he can’t fit into any of his clothes. Also, how he wishes he had the energy to bike around the city the way he did right after his divorce.

This conversation did not faze me one bit however and the reason is because things like this happen to me all the time. Another question I wish I had proposed to this man is “how do you know that I don’t need ALL (apparently pounds) of makeup?” “Would you like to see how I look when I roll out of bed every morning?” On second thought, don’t answer that weirdo; the image of waking up and seeing you just made me shudder (shudder).

In other events, another man told me that he thought I looked like Britney Spears. This could be taken one of two ways; please reference attached image. Sighhh; thanks?


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