Question: What do you get when you mix two Indians, an Albanian, a Dominican, and a black girl and white girl who grew up 20 miles apart??

Answer: The United Nations.

May 13, 2011.  It’s not possible that any of us could imagine what we were in for this night, or that immediately after this status was posted on Facebook, how our lives would change over the next year and a half.  Rewind to Forever21 when Laura stumbles into Jamaree and decides she’s not going to leave her side until she agrees to re-enter her life, for good.  After Jamaree delightfully accepts that offer, Laura calls Sugam who calls Ismete and within minutes the date is confirmed, May 13, 2011.

So there we are all are, sitting on Lark Street in Albany, obviously missing our 5th member, Perla, on the west coast (as well as future member Poonam, who will enter a few months late; always making an entrance).  Looking back, it was strange how EXTREMELY excited we all were to spend time together when we (for the most part) were all living in the same area code for quite some time. But, it’s like they say, there is a reason for everything and our lives as the United Nations officially began that evening because that’s exactly when it needed to happen.  Long story short, this night turned into months of group emailing all day, happy hour after work, late nights out on the weekends (and some week nights), weekend and overnight trips out of town, ESPECIALLY that Labor Day Trip to Vegas.

Now, fast forward to December, 2011, the entire UN (and Perla in spirit) was invited to a regular night out at our good friend Nick’s house.  Little did we know that this simple gathering would turn into the BEST holiday party that ever was a holiday PAR-TAY.  The shindig included everything from signature drinks, gingerbread house contests, a grab-bag and nothing else really special.. SYYYYYYYYYKE,  just some free massages from Carol! It was definitely a night none of us will ever forget, because not only were we shown the best possible hospitality and generosity from our hosts but it’s the night Poonam joined our little circle.

The rest is pretty much history.  Over the past year and a half we have not only rekindled our friendships but developed a new found love for one another that extends beyond friendship; we’re a family.  As some of us start to branch out and begin new chapters of our lives, we couldn’t imagine losing this strong connection we’ve built.  This blog is a means to keep us together.. United if you will..



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